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Charcuterie, beef and pork ready to be cooked!


In our butcher shop you will find the highest quality meat derived exclusively from our farm.


The Limousine cattle are a French bred very popular for the excellent organoleptic characteristics of his flesh

that  is lean and free from coarse fibers. This quality persists at any age The slaughter, in our case, takes place after 18 months.


Our passion, passed down for decades, allows us to produce the highest quality meat at a competitive price.

Here you can find all kind of meat (bolliti misti, spezzatini, battute, fettine, arrosti e brasati).


Costine, braciole, salciccia e capocollo  are some of the cuts of pork that you will find in our shop. Everything coming from our breeding.


Charcuterie of the great Piedmontese tradition of our production.


Since 1975 Pierluigi has matured and ridiscovered the art of producing Piedmontese charcuterie .


He uses only the livestock meat  doing rediscover the flavors and products that once every family prepared at home.


In each cellar was hanging a salami ready to be sliced with friends.

Prosciuttello Valsusa

This is the only cured ham in Piedmont.


Processing method:

Dry curing ,  made with salt,  lasts 15 days. Then follows a day of drying  and pressing with a weight of about 3 kg.

You leave then  rest for 100  days at 3/5 c°  turning once a day. After 100 day you wash the ham and fill the seams with a very fatty substance.  The maturing process lasts 15/16 months  turning the hams each week.

This ham is a leg of pork deprived of the bone before the curing process.

 The ham is covered with a special finishing and the seam is very strong.


This is a mixed beef and pork salami, special because of its shape and the long maturation.

 Once was consumed in the most important anniversaries.


Processing method:

Meat and fat are cut into pieces of about 2 x 1 cm.

We add then spices and herbs that are stronger than those used for  other salami and left the dough to rest and dry out  for approximately two days. Then the mixture is stuffed in a large diameter casings.

 Eventually the salami is made to sweat at 25c°  for two more days to remove water.


Once the product was dried outdoor during the day, today we put it in a ventilated cell for about 10 days and  then in a damp e cool room  (between 6 and 10 c°) to encourage “flowering” that is the apperance of a slight white mould on the on the outer skin.

The maturing process lasts a minimum of six months to one year.


This is a medium coarse grained salami originally from the mountains of the Susa valley widely used for a modest cost.  Infact in alternative to casings were used wheat and rye flour produced in the house.


Processing method:

The meat is minced at a medium texture and then added with salt and natural flavors.

The dough is then placed in stainless steal moulds that  have a diameter of 15/18  and 4 cm height., is hand pressed and  turned a couple of time. Then  is passed in a container with freshly ground pepper and in rye flour for two or three times until the layer of pepper and flour reaches 2 or 3 mm.

The salami is then placed on a steel shelf at a temperature of 23/24c° for 24 hours,  and again placed in a ventilated cell  where the product is turned over once a day for 7 days.

 Finally the Mica is put into another cellar at 3/7 c° for at least 40 more days.

 If the product is well covered with flour you can keep it for 7/8 months.


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